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Hello America…


I have arrived here in the USA and as anyone on my Facebook will know I have a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment πŸ™ˆ so I thought I would write my first post, post travel.&

To say it’s all been great so far wouldn’t exactly be the truth πŸ˜‚ as I am still currently sitting in the airport and have been here for the best part of the last 30 hours.

Due to a severe weather warning I was unable to get my connecting flight to Minnesota yesterday so right now I’ve been awake for about 45 hours, I’m confused with the time difference and lack of sleep haha and spent last night trying to sleep on the airport floor… pretty uncomfortable 😣 and in the end, unaccomplishable (not sure if I’ve just made that word up) anyhoo..

So, first impressions… well on my flight here I chatted with a lovely lady, she was from the states and we chatted about all kinds, I told her I was to get married in Vegas and turns out she’s had just married her fiancΓ© in the U.K. β€οΈπŸ‘°

She made me feel at ease when I experienced my first ‘moderate’ (not moderate at all 😰) turbulence and it was off to a great start.

So we touched down in Newark airport and I was buzzing now to be here and I had enjoyed my flight… then all of a sudden I was in America and it was a surreal experience. I didn’t think it would be much different but it hit me right away.

Going through customs I encountered a guy who just looked so American to me, kind of like Monica’s and Ross’s dad with thick rimmed black glasses πŸ‘“ and his security uniform and a very deep American accent. I loved him 😁 he was great.

Next guy not so much… he was so rude and shouted at me, I went to say something sarcastic but remembered I had actually been warned about customs over here by camp leaders so ignored him, all through security it was pretty much the same so I just tottered through.

From then on my airport experience went from bad to worse. After being told our flight would be cancelled I had to queue for 3 hours to be told I can be put on a flight 30 hours later πŸ™„ no apology or empathy… just a pillow and a blanket. Luckily I bonded with one of the guards over mutual love of The Beatles and got myself some vouchers for food. I used them in Starbucks and when I asked for a large latte I was looked at as though I was an alien and the girl help up both sized cups and hissed ‘what one’ πŸ™ˆ venti or grande πŸ˜‚

At this point

I am starting to think πŸ’­ Ok, so everyone here is a so rude πŸ˜’ but it is an airport and Manchester wasn’t much better.

So after my failed attempt at sleep, failure to secure a morning flight and being able to see the Empire State Building from the cage I had been in for god knows how long, I decided I was going to use today to go see what I could of New York 😁 and I’m sooo glad I did.

So I sit down on the train and straight away strike up a conversation with a lovely girl called Sarah. She was just so nice and I was so relieved because she was exactly the kind of person I hoped to encounter over here, so friendly and helpful and chatty 😁

She gave me directions, tips on places to see and eat at and we also had an upcoming wedding in common 😁 and now we are fb buddies haha. Such a cool girl.

So Sarah and I shared a hug and went our separate ways. I stepped out the station and I was met with the sound of 100’s of beeping horns, the smell of hotdogs and smoke and a feeling of all of a sudden feeling very very small in this magnificent place.

I won’t lie, anxiety set in for a moment because it was a bit overwhelming but was very quickly replaced my a massive grin and off I went down the road… no idea where I was going πŸ™ˆ

First stop, souvenir shop to get myself a nice New York hat 😁 next stop, pretzel πŸ₯¨ then I asked someone where the nearest famous thing was and the Empire State was right behind me.

Within minutes I was zooming down 6th Avenue with the rest of the crowds. As it was a rushed visit I didn’t see it all but I wanted to see Central Park and it was beautiful. I ate a hotdog there and played with some squirrels. I was tempted to do a tuk tuk ride but at $3 a minute and my travels ahead I decided against it and just took a photo instead.

Along the way I stopped and chatted with many people and each one of them so friendly and cheery and such a pleasure to talk to 😁 the tour guys who all helped me out with directions, the builders in Central Park who sang out to me ‘ I do like sunshine but I LOVE a rainy day in new york’. The guy who made my chilli dog 😁 the drag queen on the train with more suitcases than handsπŸ˜‚ just a lovely morning.

End result is America and Americans are boss 😁 and my hiccup so far shouldn’t of clouded my judgment and I am so looking forward to the rest of the summer and my travels.

Mel is currently in Paris having an amazing time on his cycles, meeting great people and making connections for our future travels 😁 he sent me a picture of him at the Eiffel Tower so I sent one at the Empire State 😁 it will be fun comparing our travels throughout the summer. I’m so proud of him ❀️

Anyways… I better go to my gate and hope there are no problems. I desperately need to sleep soon and don’t get to my camp till about 2am 😭 but I’m not letting any of this dampen my spirits.

I’ve had a superb day 😁 even with the small old guy in a white leather jacket and big shades who I smiled at in the tube station responding to me with his croaky voice ‘asssssholeee’

Peace out ✌️

3 thoughts on “Hello America…”

    1. I couldn’t believe it… I was like ten excuse me! But it was hysterical πŸ˜‚ some amazing characters there. I saw a man screaming to god in the streets, I woman sat outside a nail salon with no pants on and a copper talking to her … oh I’ve missed out loads because I’m tired haha! X


  1. Good on you jen make the most of a bad situation and life will always feel alot better. I hope you get on your flight and just look back on the positive that you got to see a little of new york. Big hugs keep up the blog xx

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