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5 reasons to say ‘YES’ to Cycle Touring.

If someone had of told me a few months back that I would be travelling Europe on a bicycle, I would of laughed, hysterically. I struggle getting up a flight of stairs. No way can I cycle across countries. I would of thought it was impossible. I did think it was impossible!

It seems, however that I was wrong because I am cycling around Europe and plan to go a lot further. I am doing it and so can you!

So here are my 5 main reasons why you should say yes to packing your bag and going on a tour of your very own.

1. It Improves physical health and well being.

Now don’t get me wrong, it will also make you feel incredibly unfit at times, if like me you are a beginner, when you are huffing and puffing away up a hill. However that will soon pass. Slowly but surely, day by day you start to not only feel the improvement but see it. (Along with some aches and pains)

You begin to notice a difference in your shape, your body becomes more toned and excess pounds start to drop off. Not all of them but some. You are essentially exercising everyday and it shows.

You feel better in yourself, it may sound counter intuitive but you feel more energised each day. Of course you have some days when you will be tired if you have put in a big day but on a whole you feel better and better each day to the point you can’t wait to get on the bike again.

Breathing improves and you have a general feeling of better health.

You are getting Vitamin D everyday and getting your tan on. The fresh air does wonders for your skin.

All this and that is just reason number 1!

2. Also it’s a great tool for better mental well being.

The great outdoors and nature can be a great healer. For me I have found that being outdoors and exploring all it has to offer has really helped to keep my anxiety at bay and it is a great tool for better mental health and well being.

Weather it’s the fresh air or being kept busy or a combination of it all I find that travel is the only thing thats really worked.

Exercise plays a pivotal role I believe as an active lifestyle promotes better mental well being. So the doctor says.

Also I find it is hard to focus so much on the negative with so many wonderful things around me when I’m cycling through mountains/forests and more.

I feel a sense of peace from the laid back pace of it all and I find camping is a great way to feel at one with nature and a good way to relax and unwind and let go of the things that can cause stress and anxieties.

It may not work for everyone but it certainly helps me a lot and I would urge others to give it a a try.

3. The Environment.

This is an obvious one but how great is it that you can travel long distances without causing any pollution or damage to our planet earth! Pretty GREAT isn’t it!

You are an eco friendly, cycling warrior 💪🏼 exploring the world in the best way!

Not only are you saving the environment you are seeing the environment! It is by far the best way to travel if you want to take it all in. Sure you can look out the window of a train but it just is not the same.

It’s a completely different experience actually cycling through the mountain or along side the lake you can jump in at any given moment.

It really is a completely fantastic, visually stunning way to do it.

4. It’s the cheapest way.

Now if you have read my previous post:

All you NEED to cycle the globe on a shoe string budget, straight from the mouth of a novice.

You know we like to do things cheap, it’s how all this is possible. We have to keep the costs down wherever we can.

When you cycle you avoid the costs of public transport. We have cycled into 7 countries in the last month, that’s cycling into a country and not spending a penny on transport. I couldn’t believe it when I first cycled into Slovenia, I thought that we must have to pay somewhere along the line. I never dreamed that it was possible. It is when you are on a bike.

Although we have cheated here and there and caught a train through a busier part of a city and that’s ok too. Sometimes it’s necessary and when it is, most trains in Europe are great and very bike friendly which helps.

You eat cheap. You eat on the road, a 29 cent croissant for breakfast, maybe a pretzel and a piece of fruit for lunch. Pasta pasta pasta in the evening.

It simply is the cheapest way to travel.

Free transport, possible free accommodation with warm showers hosts. Compete control over your budget.

5. It’s FUN!!!

It really is great fun. Honestly, I never thought cycling for endless hours could be but it is and so rewarding.

From zooming downhill to the pit stops in amazing places. All of it offers something new and exciting. Cultural experiences around every corner.

Just today Mel and I ended up at the charcoal festival in Germany. We just cycled upon some lederhosen clad individuals covered in soot and could hear the traditional music coming from the stage. So we ventured on in. It was great and not the first time something like this had happened.

You meet fantastic people along the way. Weather by chance encounter or meeting though mutual travel plans. A warm showers host or your neighbour at a campsite. It’s just a great community.

This month we have inspired others to give it a go and travel by bike. They liked the sound of what we have done so far and decided to try it themselves. I think the main factor being that they realised we are not some experienced super cyclists but just a pair of every day folk and really anybody can do this if they want to. They will in fact be taking our bikes at the end of the week, who knows where they will end up and I cannot wait to see their journey unfold.

So if 1,2,3,4 or 5. Doesn’t make you want to give it a go then how about this…

Be inspirational!

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