Our Journey

The valleys of Austria to The Eagles Nest.

Well here we are in Germany, last week in Europe and with our trusty bikes that have served us so well. I write this post from the shelter of our tent which today we have put up in someones garden in a little village in Germany, a Warmshowers  host who is on a tour themselves at the moment but said we are more than welcome to set up camp in the garden. We are hiding away from a storm right now and the only thing I can honestly think about is where are we suppose to go to the toilet! #wildcamping

Cycling through Austria this past week has been a truly beautiful and wonderful experience. It is one of the most idyllic places on earth. Everywhere is surrounded by beautiful clear lakes and streams and mountains. We have loved it! Get it on your bucket list if you have not already been!

From our campsite in Salzburg we took a day trip to Hallstatt. Now if any of you saw my pictures you will already know that this is a little slice of paradise, tucked away in the Austrian Alps. We took a bus, followed by a train, followed by a boat to get there. Boy, was it worth it! I have never seen anything like it. A little village hidden within the mountains and surrounded by crystal clear waters. It was something straight out of a film. There was a ping-pong table on the grass by the lake, you could climb a tree and ropes swing out in to the water…something neither Mel or myself were brave enough to do! It was just a perfect afternoon. We swam in the Hallsattersee where we were accompanied by some swans. We spent a lovely afternoon there.

The next day it was time for us to move on again, we would cross over in to Germany today. It was not the best day to cycle as it poured with rain the entire ride and we got soaked to the bone and had to take shelter a few times in some tunnels. We did however call into Hanger 7 in the afternoon which was a great experience. It is the Red Bull headquarters and is just filled with cool things and a very impressive building to be in. I am not sure how welcome we were, dripping wet in out cycling shorts and me in my sandals. It was rather posh but we went on it anyways. The place is filled with aircraft, Formula 1 cars, helicopters, motorbikes and more. Really cool to have a look around and we really enjoyed it. The toilets in there is reason enough to go! We had a fancy coffee there then went on to brave the rain to get to our first site in Germany.

We stayed at a great little campsite that gave us a pass to use all the near by transport which was great for a trip the next day. We visited Berchtesgaden and took a trip up to The Eagles Nest. This was a very interesting day for us as the views from the top were unbelievable and also it was interesting for us to learn about the history of the place and it is a strange experience being in a place so beautiful, cracking open a beer but knowing what a dark history it has and what it was associated with. I would encourage people to check it out though if they are in the area. It was a very impressive experience. We even tried to find the remains of Hitlers house afterwards but had no such luck.

After going to the top of The Eagles Nest we headed down to Konigsee for lunch. The water there was beautiful and so green. We dipped our feet in and watched a lovely little dog swim around for a while before we headed back to camp. That night we cooked ourselves our nicest pasta to date with the added ingredient of spicy sausage. This may seem like an odd thing to mention but when you are living on a pasta diet a little bit of spice is a big deal!

Yesterday was a tough one for us as it was pretty much uphill all day. It was also very hot so we had a bit of a struggle and had to get off and push a fair few times. On our way we passed what looked like a little festival of some kind so we ventured in further only to find most of the men there covered head to toe in soot and they seemed to be burning a big mound of stuff on top of a hill. After a little bit of research we realised we had walked into the The Charcoal Festival. Where a fire is lit for a month and charcoal is made from burning wood and then they have a celebration on the last day. We so happened to cycle through on the last day.

After a long slog we arrived at a beautiful little campsite last night and settled in for a drink at the restaurant beautifully situated on top of the mountains with a gorgeous view and we had a little drink there, we envied the people dining there as the food looked incredible but we are very mindful of out spends right now with Vegas looming and Mel’s desire for a chicken wing binge when we arrive. So we went and cooked some boiled eggs and I must say, I cooked them to perfection and the salt we had bought made all the difference. We had a nice relaxed evening and I did some blogging and Mel sent out some warmshowers requests for Munich. So we hope to get some responses to that. We also had a lovely chat with Kim and Mel on Facetime, they had a laugh at us trying to shoo a moth from our tent.

Today has been a great day to cycle, sun was shining and the views have been stunning all day. However it is raining right now but we are cosy in our tent and gearing ourselves up for tomorrow. We have supplies in the form of two beers and some pasta and chocolate, so what more do we need.

12 Days until we get married now! Getting exciting! For those of you who are coming out to Vegas, we cannot wait to see you. For those who are not, I cannot wait to spam you all with pictures haha!

Love to everyone back home as always


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