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A Perfect Vegas Wedding!


This has been the busiest and best week of our lives! There has been so much going on it will be hard to condense it all for this post, so I will just try and give a somewhat brief overview of our time in Vegas so far!

The only reason we have a bit of time on our hands and I’m able to write this is because we (Mel) are currently driving to the Grand Canyon and it takes a few hours.

I’m so excited to see it.

So our wedding week, where to begin. It’s honestly been a whirlwind but we have loved every second.

Mel and I checked into The Stratosphere this time last week and after putting our bags in we decided we would go and grab our marriage license first of all. Off we headed to the County Clerks Office.

The office is located towards downtown Las Vegas and in an area that is far from the glitz and glamour of the strip and as we walked down I soon realised what a difference there is between The Strip and the outskirts of Vegas. I’m not going to lie, before I loved Las Vegas, I was frightened by it and wasn’t sure about it. Unfortunately there are a lot of poor souls, who for one reason or another have lost their way in life and walk the streets, muttering to themselves or shouting and it was rather frightening, as one man was directing his verbal abuse toward me but over all, everyone is incredibly friendly who you come across but it did have me on edge a little. I like to write honestly, so first impressions, I had my doubts.

However, once we stepped into the office I was just excited. Getting the license was so simple. Just a few stamps, a payment and we had our marriage license 🤗

After we had the license we headed back to our room to keep it safe then set out in search of the second most important thing, for Mel anyways, chicken wings! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a feast and had a great waiter who had us laughing away.

We checked out a few places on the strip and I was just blown away by the sheer magnitude of it all! Everything is just gigantic, lights everywhere. Everything over the top! I loved it. This was the Vegas I had expected to see. The sky on our first night was insane as well! Beautiful pink sky, with real prominent cloud and the silhouettes of palm trees along the strip.

We stopped by The Bellagio to check out the fountains and they are spectacular and we have seen them most nights since! You have to see them! Just stunning. Very well done with all the different shows. From them accompanying pop songs through to classical music. I do prefer the classical shows.

But, after our long flight we were tired so we had an early night and went back to enjoy our big beds. We each had our own which was nice after being in the little tent for so long.

The next day, we got up early and headed out to the cheapest breakfast buffet we could find, it was in Palace Station and we had to get a bus one stop to get there but it was so worth it. It’s the best place to get breakfast around we have found. Huge selection and we just feasted away. Chocolate milk, eggs Benedict, bacon, pancakes. The works. Was delicious and fills you up for the whole day pretty much until you are ready for tea!

After breakfast we went to get some black jack lessons in one of the hotels, ready for Vegas. I put $1 in one of the machines there and won $58 so I was over the moon and of course, hooked!

We made our way around the hotels and just took it all in. Each one has something new to offer. They are amazing inside and out. There is a great atmosphere around and to my surprise, it wasn’t as crazy as I’d envisioned Vegas to be. I had this image you would be stepping over drunken stags all over the place but it was just great. It’s is certainly busy but it’s not so overbearing that it becomes unpleasant.

We spent the afternoon at The Hard Rock and enjoyed some beers. After chatting with the supervisor and him telling us he had visited Liverpool and loved it, five minutes later You’ll Never Walk Alone came on and he had put it on especially for us. However I just so happened to be downstairs at the shops at the time so that was disappointing but t was a lovely gesture.

We went to a few more shops and bars but by about 8pm again, jet lag has caught up with us and our eyes were red and heavy so we had another early night. Two nights in and still had no idea what Vegas had to offer in terms of nightlife.

We kept waking up at 7am and using the time wisely to go get breakfast before the queues got too big. We went back to Palace Station and when we were in the queue a guy handed me some vouchers randomly to get breakfast for free so that was the start of a great day.

After breakfast we went to get Mel a haircut and ended up in the coolest place, it was called Get a haircut and owned by JJ who was a rocker and had met pretty much every famous rock star you could think of. He had photos everywhere and signed memorabilia. He was very cool and I chatted away while he gave Mel the best haircut I’ve ever seen him with. It was actually a highlight of our trip for me!

Also this day was the day people would start to arrive. Lou and Dom arrived that day so we met up with them and got dinner. We ate at a restaurant facing The Bellagio and had a stunning view of the fountains whilst we ate. It was perfect and the food was amazing.

That night we actually made it out drinking in Vegas and we had a great time. We ended up in a karaoke bar in Bally’s that threw out some amazing talent and also some absolute jokers but we laughed and sang and it was a great night. So great.

Until the next morning. Mel and I had the worst heads and did not envy Lou and Dom going off on a helicopter ride. That is until we saw pics, I now envy them very much 😂

We shook of the hangover by staying poolside all day on top of the stratosphere which was lovely. This was the afternoon Mel’s parents would arrive followed by everyone else!

We changed hotels this day to The Westgate to stay with Mel’s family and once I got there I fell in love. It’s a gorgeous hotel! We are not used to all this luxury after our trip so we just soaked it all in. We greeted Mels parents and his uncles and all settled in to our rooms. It was so lovely to have them there. We all went for a meal together that night and it was gorgeous. Again though, everyone was tired so an early night all round.

This is when I stopped writing in my notes as we just had to much to do 😊 to busy having fun! So I’ve nothing to refer to for the blog now.

It was Mel’s 30th birthday. We all went to the strip, explored, went for cocktails in the rainforest cafe. We went back to the hard rock and had drinks and super sized nachos.

This was the night we celebrated Mel’s birthday but also had a joint Stag/Hen. Sean and Hannah had been somewhat suspect that afternoon so we thought they might have something up their sleeve.

They turned up at our hotel room with some outfits for us to wear.

For the evening we would be Siegfried and Roy, the famous Vegas duo who had the act with two white tigers. The outfits they provided were great.

Mel and I squeezed into our leggings, donned our wigs and we all set off to check out Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. It is amazing. There are lights everywhere, people zip lining above your head, weird and wonderful acts all over!We had some drinks and wandered around all the madness. Then we ended the night in Denny’s.

We didn’t stay out too late because, well, the next day we had our wedding to get to!

It was a fantastic evening but we made it home by about 2am and got some rest in preparation for the big day. I put on my new bride PJ’s the lovely Claire had sent me and went to sleep, the last sleep as a Stevens! 🤪

The morning of the wedding we all chilled by our hotel pool until it was time to get ready. It was then I received a video of my gorgeous cousin Beth that had me in tears. With Mel and I doing everything backwards and spare of the moment there are so many people who are not able to be with us unfortunately but I got a lovely video full of messages that was a lovely touch! Plus we are so excited to throw a party for everyone when we get home. Kim and Mel treated me and booked me into the salon and when I went for my hair appointment, Mel left to get ready at Caesars Palace where the boys had been staying, in order to have a little bit of tradition in this crazy wedding plan we put together. He wouldn’t see me until I was walking down the isle.

I got ready with Kim and then we got a taxi and set off to the chapel and I did start to get nervous. We arrived nice and early, with enough time to spare to go for a quick cocktail in Mandalay Bay, or I thought I’d have a cocktail until I realised Mel carries my ID. So I couldn’t get served, I told the bar tender he had ruined the wedding when I couldn’t get a drink 😜 I realised after a while that Kim actually had my passport for the chapel so I got my drink in the end to calm my nerves!

Cocktail drank, we headed back to the chapel and myself and big Mel were ushered off into the bridal sweet. Big Mel was going to walk me down the isle 💕 such a lovely thing for him to do. It was always going to be a hard day for us without my Dad and Kerri and I did worry about how we would all be at the service emotionally but it was perfect! I had my beautiful charms on my bouquet of them both and had them close by 💕

Mel walked me down the isle. The little chapel was so cute. All wooden and quaint. I was so pleased with it. Then I saw my Mel ad he looked so handsome. Our minister was great, we didn’t pay extra for Elvis to marry us but he quite clearly did, minus the white suit and it kept spirits high. The service was actually really lovely and I just loved every minute. Seeing the video afterwards, I could see I just couldn’t stop smiling. A mixture of the presence of Elvis, the use of Mel’s full name over and over again 😜 and just complete happiness. I felt so happy in that moment.

Our little shot gun wedding had actually turned out so perfect. It was a gorgeous day, we loved the pictures we got at the chapel and it was just perfect for us.

We headed to the Vegas sign after the ceremony and expected to queue for a while but some eccentric little man approached us there and said he would take 50 photos for us, donations only. So we went with the offer and got some great pictures and the man himself was hysterical and had us laughing away positioning us all!

We went for drinks and ended up having our meal in Buffalo Wild Wings which was perfectly fitting for us! We just loved the whole day!

It was amazing and we just want to thank everyone! Honestly the messages and well wishes, cards, gifts and more has been so overwhelming. So many people rooting for us and it’s a lovely feeling and we both feel very lucky 💕

Since the wedding we’ve done some more eating, drinking, gambling and making the most of this place before we get back on the bikes and get back to tent life next week. We went for teppanyaki last night and had the most hysterical chef and the food was delicious, then myself Mel and his family went to the very top of the Stratosphere to check out the view and me and his uncle Colin went on the scariest ride in the world!

We visited The Hoover Dam this morning which was epic and we are currently driving towards the Grand Canyon to camp there.

This journey we are on is truly amazing and my husband 🤪🤗💕😍 he is amazing and I am very very happy to be a Swannick!

I’m officially part of a gorgeous family who are so kind and I just love them all! I love that my family love them too and can’t wait to spend time with all our family and friends when we get back! We are going to throw you guys one hell of a party 🎊

Believe it or not that’s just a snippet of Vegas… it’s all go and so much to do you could never write it all down!

It’s been amazing! Thank you to everyone who came out here and thank you to everyone’s lovely messages. We love you all!

Now for our honeymoon…

California, Japan & Thailand 😍

And wherever the journey may take us.

The Swannicks 💕

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Vegas Wedding!”

  1. Love reading your blogs Jen answers all the questions I’m asking myself
    Which hotel are they in ?
    Who took them photos?
    What is actually on that plate?
    Good luck for the rest of your journey


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