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Top tips to do Vegas without going completely broke!

Ahhh Vegas 💕

We have only just left there and we already miss the place, we miss it a lot! The bright lights, the glitz and glam, the beautiful, the bizarre and all things in between. It really is another world there and one we just loved!

It’s incredible, it really is and I would encourage everyone to go there… but… it isn’t cheap and for budget travellers like us it was a far cry from our days eating pasta out of the pan from our tent in a forest but we did still try and keep the costs down where we could and luckily for us, as we got married and all that, we did get treated by our wonderful family and friends there too.

So here are some top tips for keeping your Vegas trip as cheap as possible…

1. Buy your own booze.

Cocktails from the rooftop of the likes of Mandalay Bay are amazing and the view is spectacular, however at $18+ a cocktail not something I would ever have more than one of.

In Vegas anything goes and drinking in the streets is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged by the shops selling the booze. It’s also fine for you to walk from casino to casino, drink in hand. So what we did was buy 2 for 1 beers for $8 for casino drinks as we explored.

We also invested in some big Vegas drinking cups, not only do you get a souvenir to take home but they are perfect for filling with the drink of your choice too.

Remember to drink responsibly and all that jazz 👌🏼

And on to another post about booze 😂🙉

2.Happy Hour, Happy Hour….Happy Hour!

Now you don’t want to spend all your time carrying a big can around with you, I get that. It’s nice to soak up the atmosphere of the bars all around. We did that too! Just make sure to look for the best happy hour offers.

Mel and I spent a lovely afternoon drinking beer in The Hard Rock bar on the strip, $4 for a pint $5 for a house wine. Not bad for Vegas and the staff are amazing 👌🏼

We also found great Happy Hour prices in The Rainforest Cafe in Planet Hollywood $4 for a frozen cocktail, lovely on a hot afternoon and $3 for a beer. Again, fantastic prices, in general, not just Vegas! Also lovely staff, this afternoon happened to be Mel’s birthday and they came out with a little cake and sang him their very own rainforest birthday song!

3. Find a cheap buffet.

Now, we did our research here, not even on quality just on price as we had to find somewhere cheap to eat to keep our costs down for the rest of our trip. We would of loved to be dining in The Wynn morning noon and night but it just isn’t within our budget (it is however our new dream, to stay at there one time) but we set out to find the cheapest one.

That turned out to be Palace Station, located a little off the strip we took a bus there, just one stop and when we got there we were so pleased! We loved it! The breakfast buffet is fantastic, it’s got everything you could want and the chocolate milk and great food brought us back every morning!

It came to about $15 for both of us. Great price, great food, great staff! We loved it. Plus Mel got a free t-shirt when he signed up for a players card and we love a freebie!

4. Cheap accommodation.

Now I know part of visiting Vegas is to immerse yourself in all the luxury it has to offer. It’s a great feeling seeing how the other half lives and the Hotels in the middle of The Strip are really out of this world. However if you are looking to do Vegas a little cheaper, the hotels near the end of The Strip are much cheaper and still amazing. We stayed at 3 different hotels while we were there. The Stratosphere, Circus Circus and The Westgate.

The Westgate, was a wedding treat and was incredible but I imagine quite pricey! Thanks again to my in laws for that 😘

When paying ourselves we chose the other two because they are both cheaper and still near enough to walk to the centre of the strip and both still great hotels! Circus Circus is about $19 a night! Bargain but of course there are resort fees and things but this was a great cheap place to stay!

5. Drive yourself to The Grand Canyon!

You Cannot go to Vegas and not go to the Grand Canyon, it is the most incredibly place I’ve ever seen! However, Mel and I also could not justify spending $400+ on a day trip. So what we did was hire a car for $180, that gives you a car for 3 days. Drove ourselves to The South Rim, paid the $25 National Park Fee and then paid $18 to camp!

It was amazing, there is a trail from the campsite right to the edge. We woke up at 4am to go watch the sunrise and had the entire Grand Canyon to ourselves. A truly magical experience and for half the price of a day tour on a bus.

6. Free gaming lessons & Gamble wisely!

We took advantage of the free lessons the Casinos offer and they where great but another big things was to keep a wise head on you! Very difficult for me because I was very drawn to the bright shiny machine, like a magpie I was! I also won on my first go on the slots… $58! I’m convinced they are rigged to make you win when you’re a new face😂 but when I won $58 I vowed to spend the $8 keep the $50 and I would use this method throughout the trip if I won… but I didn’t so it was ok!

So they are a few things we found helpful to keep our trip someone cost effective.

But I would also say, if you are planning a trip to Vegas, do save, save, save! That way you can treat yourself because it is an amazing place!

Oh also, go play Mini Golf and lose… that way you win a free pass to go back because you need practice!

Hope this is helpful… now go book your Vegas trip 🤗

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