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Save BIG bucks, with little budgets 💰

So, if you have read any of my posts, you will know that we like to save money whenever we can. This was a pretty unexpected trip for me and one I had not saved for for very long at all.

I have been lucky enough that my wonderful husband has continued to let me tag along on this incredible journey with him as a pauper and we just make sure we spend every penny wisely.

Plus now we are married so what’s mine is yours, right? 😉

The budget way is the only way for us. So I’m going to let you in on a few of our favourite ways to save money while we travel. So you can save money too.

Our trip has been unbelievable so far, penny pinching hasn’t not allowed us to do and see amazing things. You would be surprised at how many epic things you can do for free.

So here is a list, as I do love a list, of the best ways to save money on your travels.

1. Travel cheap.

Now you may be thinking ‘sounds good but travel isn’t cheap’.

So I have a few options for you here, my first one and the one closest to my heart:

Get on a bike!

You can check out my posts 5 reasons to say ‘YES’ to cycle touring. and

All you NEED to cycle the globe, on a shoestring budget, straight from the mouth of a novice

For a little more information about the price and essentials for doing this but this is 100% going to cut your costs down massively.

In fact, erase them. No tickets, no petrol, no cost! We cycled into Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany completely free of charge.

We aren’t currently traveling by bike anymore (we miss it) and have traded them in for backpacks (which is also a lot of fun) for this part of the trip and the way we got around best in America, cheap as possible was by using The Greyhound Bus.

Tickets are super cheap with Greyhound and the journey, although a little longer than a train may take are really comfortable. Air-con and charging portals. You know the most important things.

Check out the Greyhound service at

Also, don’t be afraid to use public transport. Busses and trains are always going to be cheaper than using and Uber!

Lastly… get some exercise in as well and do some walking. Our Uber driver in America told us we would have to Uber everywhere because the bus station was too far away from our AirB&B to walk.

After we figured out on the map where it was we realised it was about a 15 minute walk, which of course is fine and saves us money. We would probably walk an hour each way at least to save a few pennies.

2. Cheap Sleeps!

Choosing accommodation is going to be a big part of how much you are going to save. If Mel and I had it our way we would camp everywhere but it’s not always an option. So when it is, take it.

Camping is one of the cheapest ways to go about travel, we paid as little as £4 in some sites across Europe and other nights we wildcamped so it’s free. Just be careful to choose a safe place for wild camping. Our favourite was under the stars, no tent, beside a lake in Austria.

Free accommodation is the best accommodation of course.

So with that in mind, Couchsurfing is an awesome way to save money and a great way to connect with people.

Check out The beauty of Couchsurfing.for all my information and tips about that.

Then as you move your way up the list of accommodation it get more expensive as you do, Couchsurfing to Hostels to Air B&B to a hotel and so on.

3. Cheap Eats.

I am a massive foodie and I get bad cases of ‘Hanger’ when I am hungry. Mel is always very aware of keeping me well fed 🤣 so food is important and we don’t go without to keep it cheap. Except that one time in Hungary of all places, we cycled all day and all the shops had closed by the time we got to our site.

We just do our research for where we can eat the cheapest! We also treat ourselves from time to time, trying new foods is what travel is all about but there are two places that are going to be your best friend whilst traveling.

In Europe ‘Lidl’ is awesome. We got breakfast for about €2 everyday when we had one at hand.

Anywhere that has a bakery is going to be good for budget travellers.

Then since we left Europe ‘7eleven’ has taken its place. It’s super cheap and sells pretty much everything you are going to need. We have been going every morning for breakfast since being in Japan.

Also eat street foods, try places off the beaten track and be adventurous when it comes to eating.

4. Free attractions.

Now going traveling is about having an amazing adventure and doing fantastic things and I absolutely think that is what you should be doing but it doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg.

Some things we love to do/see that don’t cost anything:

  • Free walking tours
  • Museums
  • Hiking
  • Beach days
  • Parks

Always make a point of going to visitor centres and finding out what is on offer for free before getting the wallet out. You may be surprised just how much a place has to offer.

5. Be resourceful.

When you are on the road you automatically become more resourceful I find with everything. Things have to last when you don’t know when you will have the change to go to the supermarket again and you become less wasteful and that shows.

You don’t want to waste a thing so you will squeeze every last drop out the toothpaste or shampoo and in effect you dot buy as often.

So there you have a few ways to be mindful about money when you are travelling. Hope this was helpful and you are planning your trip as we speak ✌️💕

2 thoughts on “Save BIG bucks, with little budgets 💰”

  1. I love this! I’m really struggling with no holidays while I pay off my debt so these could help me to put together a budget friendly holiday that I don’t feel guilty about. Thank you!


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