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Top Hostel Picks.

Our first love when travelling is our tent. We love camping and the great out doors and it is our dream one day to run our own campsite…. ahh one day!

We have our tent strapped onto our backpack but it’s been there for quite some time now, it’s collecting dust.

With camping not always being an option, you do have to branch out if you embark on a lengthy trip that will take you to all the different corners of the world… depending on weather or not you see the world as somewhere that has corners 🧐

So in the past few months we have used hostels regularly to get around, mainly in Japan and Southeast Asia and we have found some amazing little places along the way.

We love hostels because of the fantastic travel vibe you get in them and the opportunity to meet new people.

Travelling as a couple is amazing and it brings you so close but you do need to make other connections and talk to someone besides your spouse every now and again and hostels are a great way for us to do that… hostels and the pub!

We’ve stayed in some really great places in the last few months and in some not so desirable ones.

But here is a list of the best hostels we have come across…

10. Hostel Brickyard.

This was our first time in a hostel all the way back in Bratislava. It was in a great location and had your typical dorm style bedroom. It was very clean and had all the facilities you need. Walking distance from the Old Town.

Staff were super friendly and there was a little bar at reception for you to sit and chat and have a drink with others staying there.

It wasn’t the cheapest one we have stayed in but it wasn’t too expensive and it is a sought after area and we really enjoyed our time there.

Check them out at:

9. Guesthouse Wasabi.

This place was great. Located in Nappori Japan and right next to a train station and 7eleven. Lovely and clean with such friendly staff.

This place had very comfy spacious sleeping pods, a gorgeous rooftop terrace and an indoor Sento. (Big hot tub) but nicer!

At reception you could rent out bikes, Yukata’s to wear and they had a huge selection of make up. Mac, Dior and Lancôme. I thought was a lovely touch!

We loved our stay here, check them out:

8. Hopstepinn.

This was another amazing hostel in Japan. This was bunk beds but they were very spacious, curtains lamps and charges in each bed.

A lovely lounge area with free coffee and green tea and a kitchen for use.

Staff are lovely and it was very clean. The bathrooms here are incredible. Immaculate, hairdryers on the walls and all the shampoo/soaps all free. Another fantastic stay.

Find them here:

7. Guest House Trace.

This was a big hostel building, the one in fact, we hid away in from the blasts of wind from Typhoon Trami. Located in Ryogoku, Japan.

Another bunk bed setting with plenty of room. The best feature about this place was the lounge area.

A big room fitted with tatami mats and pillows, it was a nice place to hang out and play with some of the games they have there for you. UNO and Jenga… always fun. Even while hiding away from a typhoon.

Check them out at:

6. Guest House Azito.

This was one of our favourites. This was the hostel we stayed at when we visited Hakone. Still one of the highlights of the trip.

This little hostel was fantastic. We had double pods and they they were super comfy and cosy. Little wooden rooms in this beautiful guest house.

Reception doubled as a sake bar and also had our favourites, Jenga and UNO.

It had a good sized kitchen with all appliances you need to cook for yourself and was walking distance from amazing restaurants and beautiful Onsens.

Find them here:

5. Hostel Mallika.

This was our hostel we chose for Hiroshima because of its fantastic location. It was right next to The Peace Park. This place was great.

Staff are so friendly and helpful. Sleeping pods are very cute and they had a sake lotion there you could use that had my skin so soft and glowing! Little tip for the ladies.

You will find these guys on or

4. Jam Hostel.

A cool little hostel in the Gion area of Kyoto. It was a fantastic location near many places to eat and shop.

Big bunk beds and very clean. Only downside was not having anything other than a kettle if you wanted to cook for yourself.

It also had a reception that doubled as a sake bar.

Again you will find these guys through: or

3. Sun Villiage Tamatsukuri

This hostel was in Osaka. It was a great little place to stay and had great staff and in a great location.

Practically every hostel in Japan has a 7eleven or a family mart next door which is great.

This one even had a 100 yen shop right next door, amazing bargains in there!

Also located next to the station.

Find them at: or

2. City Backpackers Hostel.

This was our hostel in Hanoi and we did love this place. It was very clean and tidy. In a great location.

We ate at the same place over the road everyday and have came to the conclusion that their veggie fried spring rolls are the best spring rolls in the world.

The staff are the best, so happy and helpful and love to chat to you. Katy and Lee especially. We would highly recommend this hostel if you travel to Vietnam.

And, wait for it…

They serve Free Beer 🍺

Every evening between 6 and 7 they ask you to join them for some beer and just keep filling the jugs until it runs out. Great atmosphere full of friendly faces.

1. Fusion Villa.

Ok so the place we are staying at now in Hoi An is not technically a hostel. However the cost of 3 nights here is the same price as the cost for one night in the first place I mentioned back in Bratislava…. then halved again! £20 for three nights in this beautiful little place.

Gigantic double bed in an amazing room, the whole place is decorated lovely.


It’s a steal, like everything else here. It even has a little pool and is walking distance from the beautiful old town.

So there you have some of our favourites so far. We are heading South at the moment and will be going through Cambodia, Thailand & Malaysia.

We love love to hear from anyone with any recommendations for places to see in these areas.

Happy Travels 🙏

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