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Liverpool ❤️

Liverpool is my city, my heart and my home and what a city it is.

It’s a place where everyone is your mate and having a laugh is people’s top priority. So it’s no wonder when you spend some time here it isn’t long before your cheeks hurt from laughing and you have a whole bunch of new friends.

Liverpool is not only home to some of the friendliest people on the planet but also some of the most creative and talented people as well and it is just bursting with culture.

Weather you like art, music, nature, sport, history… the list goes on, you won’t fall short of things to do there.

So let’s start with art, Liverpool is not only filled with incredible street art, it is also home to The Tate an incredible place, I actually took an art course there last year and I cannot stress enough how incredible the people are in that place.

Nina Edge, a brilliant artist, took us to places all over Liverpool to discover local art and artists. Art in the community. She has a brilliant mind and is just an amazing human being. Check her out!

They often offer free art classes and they are top quality!

The galleries are fascinating, the staff are delightful and the artists, just wow.

Take a look at the website for a little more information on one of my favourite places in Liverpool:

It is most definitely worth a visit if you are an art lover, but you will find many brilliant galleries and exhibits hidden away in this vibrant City.

Let me list a few, The Bluecoat, FACT & Open Eye Gallery are among my favourite places to enjoy amazing art, photography and film.

The Tate is located at the Albert Dock.

The Albert Dock itself brings thousands of visitors flocking to Liverpool every year and it’s no wonder at all why.

The area itself is breathtakingly beautiful and it’s where some of the Cities most prized possessions reside.

Our Liver birds, It was once said if they ever flew away that the city would fall, so it is a good job someone tied them to the roof!

My Dad would tell me how when he was young they were completely black from the soot and smog from the shipping industry. As Liverpool was one of the worlds great ports during the height of the British Empire.

Liverpool for me is a City that sticks together no matter what and I feel they represent that well, and I think I speak for everyone when I say these birds are like family… another thing about us scousers everyone is family!

So how would a day at The Albert Dock look?

Here is just a few of the places you could check out:

British Music Experience.

The Beatles Story.

Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Mattel play- if you have kiddos with you.

Have a bite to eat at The Pumphouse, see the city views from the Ferris wheel.

It’s easy to spend a whole day at this wonderful place and just a small walk away you will find The World Museum and the The Library.

Now I mentioned The Beatles Story… of course the Fab 4 are going to be a big part of your Liverpool experience, whether you like them or not, if not… shame on you.

If like me you LOVE them, there are endless opportunities for you to embrace your inner Beatle Mania.

Besides The Beatles Story you’ve also got:

The Magical Mystery Tour Bus

Fab 4 Taxi Tour

Hard Days Night Hotel

The Cavern Club

Strawberry Fields

Penny Lane

And when your at the Albert Dock snap a picture with the boys.

Spend a night down Matthew Street and I promise you, you will have lots of friendly folk to talk to about The Beatles and many of them love reminiscing with people about how they saw them live ‘right in this very spot!’ All those years ago.

Matthew Street however is host to just a handful of the many, many pubs, bars and restaurants Liverpool has to offer.

The nightlife in Liverpool is something else completely, there are just so many places to pick from.

I’m a bit of a rocker myself so my go to places are places I know are going to have the best music. So if you are like me and like anything from 50’s – 80-s or you enjoy watching live bands then you have to check out:

The Swan

The Pilgrim

The grapes

The Caledonia

Ye Crack ( if you ask me nicely I can show you a cracking photo in here from my youth)

Peter Kavanagh’s

The Ship & Mitre


These places also attract a good bunch and I’ve never heard so much as a raised voice in any of them when I’ve frequented them. Except my own because Jen + Beer = Loud.

Alternatively Liverpool has a huge student population so you will also find a lot of nightclubs and places that hosts events with DJs and club music if that is your thing.

The most up and coming and cool place to go for drinks and dinner or afternoon tea at the moment though is The Baltic Triangle.

With funky bars and restaurants popping up all over the L8 area. It’s a must if you are visiting. The Baltic Market has stalls full of your favourite cocktails and street food that is to die for.

Go! If only for the Halloumi fries 😍

The overall look and feel of the place is great, think bird cages, barrels and Bohemia.

Many of my favourite Liverpool musicians frequent this area gigging. So keep your eyes peeled for my buddy Tom Crofts , you will find him singing the blues in The Old Gas Station or playing with The Peaky Blinders Band.

If you want to go to one of the few places that still sells cheap drinks the The Poste House is the way to go.

Located in The Stanley Street Quarter, affectionately know as ‘Gay Town’ the place I spent a huge chunk of my partying years 🎉

Tucked away in a little road called Cumberland Street, you will find this hidden gem. That is essentially what one would probably refer to as an ‘old man pub’ on the ground floor and a disco on the top and it sells the cheapest drinks in town.

The entire area is amazing, full of nightclubs and bars that you will have the best time in and again find yourself laughing the whole time.

Liverpool also hosts many fantastic events throughout the year. From giants arriving to festivals there is always something going on. Just a few things you can get up to throughout the year in he City.

Watch the giants take over!

I am sad to say I have never seen these things. I’ve always been away but I’ve seen how they brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city and they look pretty amazing!

This incredible work of performance art is really larger than life in every way.


You’ve got:

Fusion. SoundCity. Africa Oye. Limf. Pride. Carnival of light. Brazillica. Creamfields.

So many!

All offering different yet amazing things. You’ve got drums, dance, carnival, pop, hip hop, street foods, fashion! Everything. I love going to the Liverpool festivals and make a point every year to be there for my favourite of the bunch Africa Oye. Except this year because America called.

You might even see my mum at Brazillica banging away on her drum 😂

Each bring people together to dance the night away in glittery fashion.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when Busted reunited and played Fusion festival, at The Promenade. 10 minutes from my house 😀

The Christmas Market.

Always a beautiful time of year. The whole City transforms into a winter wonderland.

Everyone in their woolies, drinking mulled wine and last year they brought the Yorkshire Pudding wrap into play. Basically a Christmas dinner inside a giant Yorkshire Pud 😀 amazing.

Explore the markets, the ice bar. Go ice skating. It really is magical.

Shop till you drop.

Whether it’s high end designer clothes you are after or like me you love a bargain. There are all kinds of places you can spend hours shopping.

If you arrive at Lime Street Station you will first see the beautiful St George’s Hall and you are minutes away from St. John’s Market and Clayton Square, two shopping centres full of cheap stores with the latest fashions.

Then check out Grand Central, formally known as Quiggins. A place full of alternative clothes shops such as the Hippy Hole. Just around the corner you have Bold Street, full of quirky shops, cafes and restaurants.

Take a walk down the high street and down to Liverpool One. There is something for everyone I am sure.


You can’t talk about Liverpool without talking about football.

The City is home to two clubs, two very impressive stadiums within walking distance of each other and fans like no other.

I mean I only have photos of one of the stadiums because, yanno…. 🔴

Reds and blues will rip one another to absolute shreds but when push comes to shove they have each other’s back.

This is shown every single year when we all come together and run for our fallen 96❤️

Every year this incredible event, put together by my amazing cousin Dom Williams see’s thousands of kopites and blue noses running side by side to remember those lost and to raise money for the families and charities involved ❤️💙

As well as two great stadiums we also have two incredible cathedrals.

We have our Anglican Cathedral, one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. If you go to the top you will have a stunning view of the city.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture from the top but hey, working with what I’ve got here.

And then there is the Catholic cathedral otherwise known as Paddy’s wigwam. With such a unique structure.

The street connecting the two is Hope Street ❤️

Walk, cycle or run down The Promenade, stop off at Otterspool for some lunch or to try out the impressive high ropes course there.

Or spend the day at one of our many stunning parks we have such as, Sefton Park, Princess Park, Calderatones Park, Allentown Towers, Springwood Park, Stanley Park and more.

Or check out Crosby Beach, this place looks beautiful rain, sunshine or snow and is a favourite of mine and my families to spend the day with the doggies. go meet the many men standing in the tide.

Or check out a comedy club. The guys on the comedy circuit really are the cities unsung hero’s and I promise you…. you will be in hysterics the whole time!

Liverpool really does have so much to offer. That’s just a snippet. there is so much more but I could go on forever.

So there are just a few reasons why you should absolutely visit the City where everything’s Boss and it will welcome you with open arms.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and we’ll invite you in,

We are scousers and we are proud.

Scouse is our language, scouse is our food,

My top tip for the best scouse is my own,

So come on by and I will put on a pan, we can chat, have a cuppa….

Because in Liverpool You’ll Never Walk Alone ❤️

for a list of all the upcoming events in Liverpool please visit

4 thoughts on “Liverpool ❤️”

  1. I’ve only ever spent a day in LIverpool. Actually, it was more Birkenhead! Went there for a model railway exhibition.I was living in Manchester, at the time (for almost four years). I’m sorry to have to say, but Manchester’s my favourite British city. 🙂 I hope you’ll still like me! 🙂 I could never get into soccer, though. But I do sort of follow Manchester City.


  2. I really loved this post! I used live in Liverpool, it’s where I met my husband. My first memory is hearing the music coming from the Beatles experience at the Albert Dock and I used to live in a flat above a laundrette in Penny Lane. I have wanted to visit again for many years and I’m sure we will and when we do, I’ll be remembering where you’ve recommended! Thanks!


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