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Welcome to the first of a series of guest posts we will be showcasing every month here on Backpacks&Bicycles, featuring our favourite travel bloggers from across the globe.

 Since we set out on our travels we have been lucky enough to become part of a huge network of like minded travellers, who as a couple or solo are seeing the world in their own unique ways and sharing their stories, through blogging. 

We have followed new friends across the globe through their blogging and social media posts and are inspired everyday by them, always finding out about new and exciting places in the world that we then add to our own wish list.

Gemma and Campbell are a wonderful couple and our travel blogger besties, so of course they are going to be the first couple to appear in this series of amazing and inspiring couples.

2 Scotts on the run from the 9-5, travelling the globe together in a whole bunch of exciting ways, from inter-railing to living out of a van, they even bought our little B-Twin bikes off us and did some cycling.

These 2 have a passion for the outdoors like we do and love camping and exploring. They really are an inspiration and the best part is they share everything with you, all their top tips.

So here is a look at how came to be…

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How We Caught the Travel Bug

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”. This is the quote that we live by, as we believe this beautiful world has so much for us to see and learn. When travelling we are learning every day. Whether it’s history, culture or even something about yourself, there are so many things we can only appreciate when you travel.

Going back to our childhood, About us. Campbell and I were both brought up to appreciate the great outdoors and nature, as we regularly enjoyed camping trips with our family. From a young age, this gave us an appreciation for budget travel, as we realised that by having a cheaper holiday, we could go on many more throughout the year. The joys of camping.

Campbell loved his homeland, Scotland, Scotland locations. and had a firm belief that there was nowhere better. For me (Gemma), I have always remembered family visiting me from Australia, Canada and many other countries and being sure that I wanted to do the same one day.

Having gone through years of school together, visiting many of the same places and having pretty much the same upbringing, we surprisingly didn’t get to know each other until we were 18. It wasn’t long before the subject of travel came up, as there were opportunities for us both to travel at university.

It was my turn first, as I had the option of nursing placements abroad. Organising it all myself it was a very difficult and stressful project, but I was determined to make it happen. Having visited Australia once before with my family, I knew it was a place I would love to return to and this was the perfect opportunity. I would be spending a month in Adelaide and a month in the Gold Coast, where Campbell would meet me. When I finished my placement, we would travel for as long as possible until we had to go back to university. We literally arrived home the day before we were due back, jetlagged and exhausted yet hungry for more!


This trip sparked a feeling of freedom and excitement within us. We had so many firsts that we knew we didn’t want it to be our last. From skydiving to scuba-diving, renting a campervan to sleeping on a boat, we loved every second of our time in Australia.

We then explored Fiji, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore and the vast range of cultures, colours and people that we experienced made us hungry for more adventure. We knew that this wasn’t going to be the end and we had a lot more exploring to do, and so the saving began.


After completing our degrees, we both moved away from home, experiencing life living in GuernseyNancy (France) and London.


With the end goal in mind that we would quit our jobs Quit your job and travel, we were motivated to save as much money as possible whilst living a budget lifestyle.

Two years later and here we are! We have now been travelling full-time for 6 months, completing a huge road trip around the UK and Ireland, Locations/ireland

 Explored Europe for 3 months  locations/mainland-europe and will be heading out to Australia at the end of the year to complete a working holiday visa.

Travelling has opened our eyes to different cultures and lifestyles and taught us that we are more than capable of making a spontaneous decision when we need to.

We have seen the beauty of so many countries whilst also learning about the drastic effects of plastic pollution on-the-go-plastic-consumption to our beautiful planet.

Travelling has allowed us to meet new friends and find new inspiration from them. Cycling Italy 

 It has shown us that we are a team and we can take on any challenge we are given head on and find a solution.

Through highlands2hammocks, we love to show that all this can be achieved by anyone and that you don’t have to be rich to experience the world. travel-tips/money-saving-travel-tips  It is still possible to enjoy any experience on a budget, which of course also allows you to live to travel for even longer. Travelling gives us the freedom to experience as many different ways of life as we can, which helps us give an appreciation of how others live. It opens our minds to the rest of the world and allows us to become a better person.


Once you catch the travel bug, it is impossible to shake it off. There will always be somewhere new to explore and a new adventure to be had. Live your life to the fullest and explore as much as you can. Don’t let the cost put you off, it’s very much possible to travel the world on a budgethandy-money-saving-tips 

If you need any more inspiration head over to our website  for budget tips, guides and you can even download our FREE free-budget-planner budget planner which we use when travelling. You can also catch up with us on social media, come say hi and let us know if you enjoyed our story. Sign up to our monthly newsletter Newsletter  to receive travel tips, discounts and guest interviews.


Check them out at:

We are sure you will all agree that their journey has been pretty incredible and they have tonnes of posts on their website to give you all the help you need to get going on that trip you have always been dreaming of going on but can never quite find the time, or money.

Check them out, you wont regret it. We met these guys in person and they are just as lovely as you would think.

Good luck on your next big move guys, we cant wait to watch it unfold.

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