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Top picks so far…

Since we set of on our travels together mid July, we have seen some wonderful places.

Places I’d only ever dreamed of visiting. My dreams have become reality in the last few months as we have cycled, trekked, trained, bussed and flown our way around the globe.

It’s been an awesome ride so far and pretty much everything has been incredible but some places have left a lasting impression in our hearts.

So I’ve put together some of our Top picks for the places we have been so far to get the most out of these places and of course, some of the amazing things we have done without breaking the bank.

Italy: Ok, so Italy is one of my favourite places in the world, I lived there for a summer and fell in love and was so excited to return to cycle the beautiful Italian alps.

While we started out in Venice, that wouldn’t be my pick for a must see. While it is beautiful, the buildings, the gondolas and all the rest. It was a bit cramped for us and outside of shopping and dining, once you have seen the place there really isn’t too much to do. Especially if you are on a budget.

So our Top Pick for something exciting, adventurous and all around amazing would be to cycle the FVG1 cycle path and do some camping along the Italian Alps.

We adored this route, it was beautiful the whole way through and although there were some hills to conquer the incline was gradual and doesn’t feel like too much of an uphill battle!

We stayed in some wonderful locations and swam in the beautiful lakes along the way.

Check out

For the gorgeous little campsite we stayed in, with incredible views!

Slovenia: Slovenia is a beautiful country with so much to see and do and it is all amazing.

As much as I don’t want this place to lose its quaint beauty and become to overrun with tourists, as right now it’s still not too busy and a lovely day out. I do need to pick Lake Bled as our Top Pick for Slovenia.

What a place it is. Truly stunning. The water is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. A spectacular turquoise blue/green and just beautiful.

We took a boat trip out to the Church in the middle and rang the bell and it was a lovely day trip. It’s still one of our top Highlights of this whole trip! The boat trip cost €10 but our friends over at swam out to the church! So I would do that if we went again!

Slovakia, Hungary & Germany: All were great for site seeing in the vibrant busy cities of Bratislava, Budapest & Munich. These cool cities are full of amazing bars and restaurants and have something to suit everyone. It’s easy to visit them all on a budget if you sign up for Couchsurfing.

Austria: This place blew us away, everyday day, around every corner. Just stunning. We love mountains and lakes and they are endless when cycling through Austria. We are both in love with this part of the world. It’s a very beautiful place and we loved getting to know everyone we met there.

It was in Austria we felt safe enough to sleep on the grass by the lakes and set up camp all over. Star gazing here is a must and out of all the places we have had the pleasure of cycling through or travelling to we both agree that if we could live anywhere, it would be beside the idyllic Austrian Lakes.

Vegas: We obviously love Vegas as we got married there but I really can’t explain my love for Vegas. After our American trip I solidified my opinion that I am much more of a lakes and mountains type of gal and I do prefer the quieter corners of the world with the exception of Vegas and Tokyo but I won’t get ahead of myself.

Vegas is incredible. Once in a while it’s fine to indulge in some super over the top, well everything.

To get the most out of Vegas check out Top tips to do Vegas without going completely broke!

It really is a fantastic place to visit, from the shows, to the food, the music, the theatrics and the glitz and the glam. The Gand Canyon and more!

It is a must visit at least once type of place. I’m already planning how I can get back there!

Another highlight was the Californian sunsets and beaches as we made our way across California. 🌅

Japan: Japan is really in a league of it’s own. For all the wonderful places we have seen nothing quite compares to it. That is because it has a bit of everything to enjoy.

From starting out in Tokyo. You can experience amazing restaurants, bars and shopping (not us because we have no spare money, but you can) Take a glimpse into the future and converse with real life robots!

Everything is so clean and shiny and inviting. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming and you just feel so content when you are there. Worries simply slip away.

Then there is the other side of Japan, tranquil, peaceful and beautiful. Emerge yourself in the beauty of the temples and watch the colours change as you venture out of the city and into Japans countryside’s.

The amount of breath taking places there is to visit is just to long got list but believe me they are all stunning.

Leaving and loving Japan.

A REAL Whirlwind in Japan!

Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto.

See for yourself.

Southeast Asia: Yeah, that’s a kop out I know! But I will decide our favourite locations from here once we have had a chance to see them all.

Because so far it has all been incredible. This part of the world is so vastly different from Japan but beautiful in different ways entirely.

Tropical beauty, exotic places and people. It’s really wonderful here and we’ve had some of the most incredible moments to date here. Vietnam was fantastic and it’s food some of the best of the trip.

I’ve been vegetarian since we arrived in Vietnam and had some of the best meals so far.

The people here are so friendly and kind.

It’s home to Halong Bay one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen.

Now we are in Cambodia, I say it with every new place but I think this may be my favourite. It’s so beautiful. We would highly highly recommend coming here and visiting The Mondulkiri Project. It’s honestly spectacular to see elephants in the wild and if you want to stay in an actual paradise (with spiders and bugs) but paradise none the less then please dig deep in your pockets and pull out ……..£7

That’s right £7 and book a night in The Tree Lodge.

Ok, so I got a bit carried away here and basically listed everywhere we have been but hey ho… it has all been wonderful so far and we have a feeling it’s STILL going to get better 💕

Happy Travels.

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