Dad 💕

This is a little poem I wrote for my Dad in the months after he passed away. Writing and art really helped me through that time in my life. I still miss him every day but I hope I am doing him proud.

You are gone and I am still trying to feel some feeling, some pain.

The bright light you were in my life, now covered by shade.

Trying to carry on day after day.

Trying to convince myself I don’t need you in every single way.

And how lucky I am that you are my dad.

My hero, my king….the absolute best I could have had.

I miss everything about you, from your voice to your hair.

How I wish to walk in our living room and see you lying there.

On the couch, with your papers and a little cup of tea.

Watching Liverpool or the horse racing on the T.V

Every memory I have of you is one of a kind,

Because you really were the best man alive!

You were a genius Dad, all the thing that you knew.

From history to music, sports and politics too.

Every date of every Liverpool match, every place had a fitting song.

        Every question on who want to be a millionaire and you were never EVER wrong.

I love you more than I can put into words

But I thought I would at least try

Get it down on paper and hopefully bloody cry.

To the greatest man that ever lived.

Gave everything for his family and kids

Here is to you Tommy Tapa

The legend, the man…the Beechwood rapper!

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