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Island Life 🌴

With our lack of WiFi as of late we have not been able to spam Facebook quite as much or update our blog at all! We have been enjoying the lack of WiFi and the chilled out vibes of Thailand. It’s been an amazing few weeks that’s for sure.

So going back a few weeks now, before leaving for the islands we headed to Ayutthaya for a few days. It’s a beautiful little place. It’s pretty quiet and we just spent our time there relaxing in our hostel and we took a boat trip down the river to see the temples and ruins. It was a very beautiful evening.

We passed many impressive temples along with tiny colourful shacks. Both offering different aspects of the architecture you see in Thailand.

We had three stops to get off and explore, the first was full of smaller temples you could go inside and inside of of them was the biggest Buddha statue we have seen so far. It was magnificent! So huge and glowing gold. Mel looked so tiny stood next to it.

The next was another set of temples and shrines. Beautiful buildings and music coming from somewhere. It sounded wonderful and the sun was beginning to go down, making for a lovely sky. We have loved getting the chance to go inside all these gorgeous places. They have a really special atmosphere.

Lastly we stopped off at the old ruins of Wat Chaiwatthenaram. This place is truly stunning and we arrived here at sunset and it was unbelievable. A lot of the statues were destroyed in the past after the destruction of the old capital, with the beheading of statues and bricks being stolen from the structures. However it is still is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I didn’t expect it to be as impressive as the likes of Angkor Wat as it was in this little place and was so cheap to get there but it was! It was incredible. So we got to experience sunrise at Angkor Wat and sunset here.

Such a wonderful little evening…

From Ayutthaya, we then headed to Krabi to begin our ‘beach vibes’ part of the trip. Krabi is beautiful, it’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and stunning islands. I believe these are called Karsts, limestones Karsts. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous!

At Krabi we spent our days at the beach and evenings in the reggae bars. It was perfect and our hostel was right next to an art gallery which is always a plus!

Then from Krabi we headed to our next destination, the one that proved to be one the best, the beautiful island of Koh Lipe. We took a bus then a boat to arrive at this little piece of paradise.

A worry of ours that we had about Thailand, especially Thailand in its peak season was that everywhere would be way to overcrowded but haven’t really felt that at all. Especially not here at Koh Lipe. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves everyday and it was just an incredibly relaxing and chilled out place. We fell in love!

Firstly we moved into our little house for the week. It was so cute and we loved it here.

Like everywhere on the island it came equipped with a few dogs and cats so we had a few pets 🤗

Right next to the our little place was another Reggae bar. The owner was very cool and was telling us all about his future plans for the place. We felt a bit bad as it wasn’t in the main area and we didn’t see many people stop in but this guy new what he was doing. He told us that now it doesn’t see much business but then are expanding Walking Street (the main area of bars and restaurants) so when it’s finished he will have this amazing jungle style bar amongst all the modern stuff. Clever guy! So we chilled out here of an evening.

We met our friends here one evening as well. Tina and Marco. We keep bumping into them on our travels. This was the fourth time we crossed paths but it will be the last time now as we are finally heading in separate directions. We hope to visit them in Cologne one day though!

We spent everyday at the beach here and even with neither of us particularly loving the beach or the heat, we Loved it! We loved being beach bums and we spent all day everyday just snorkelling and sunbathing then watching the sun go down at one of the beautiful beaches here!

It was really like paradise. The food was amazing and we got banana pancakes everyday. Fruit shakes, coconuts, Pad Thai, everything was amazing.

The beach bars of a night with their fire performers, BBQs ad great music. All decorated with amazing art and funky trinkets.

We went to walking street each night, the street full of bars and restaurants along with massage parlours and hair salons. Mel wouldn’t let me get my hair in loads of braids and I’m still a bit fuming!

Why didn’t he want me to look like this?

We really loved Koh Lipe! Definitely one of the best weeks we have had and it was great to just stay in one place for a whole week! That was one of the longest we have stayed in one place on the whole trip with the exception of the horror hostel in LA.

We fully understand why people fall in love with Thailand. It is beautiful, the people are so wonderful, so friendly and smiley. The food is amazing, the weather is amazing, there’s animals everywhere and art and music and fun! What’s not to love! 🇹🇭

So many amazing memories to take away from Thailand. 💕

We are now in our 13th country of the trip. Malaysia. We can’t believe how far we have come and how far we are stretching the pennies. My cousin Beth keeps saying how we have done her 14 years of travel in one trip and spent a fraction of the money. Goes to show that hostels, cycling and noodles go a long way.

We are very excited for the next few destinations! So much to see!

Until next week 💕 much love xxx

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