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Cameron Highlands

If you ever take a trip to Malaysia and we would really recommend you do. Exploring the Cameron Highlands is a must. We just spent a few days up there and it really is a very enchanting part of this wonderful world.

The drive up there is where the magic begins! Up and up you go, the tea plantations becoming visible as you drive up the winding hills. Ascending into the clouds, the change in climate pretty much guarantees spectacular views all year round we were told. Be it mystical and magical, or sun beaming down on the greenery. You are always in for a treat. We got the magical and mystical views and loved it. Just remember to take a rain coat!

It’s a tropical jungle on the route up to the top and everybody on the bus had their faces up against the windows taking it all in. Completely breathtaking the whole way.

When we arrived at the top, into the small town of Tanah Rata were we would stay, we were met with many little bars and restaraunts, all smelling wonderful. Malaysia itself is so amazing because of its diversity and many different cultures all co existing side by side. So you get influences from all over. China, Japan, India and more. Which of course makes for an endless choice of amazing cuisine!

Keeping to our budget we just ate out twice there and had a delicious Chinese meal, tricky for me being a new veggie and Loving chinese food… but I opted for Cameron Highlands vegetables (seemed appropriate) and rice and it was delicious. Another night we went to a place called The Barracks and had the most amazing curry.  I mean really amazing, I am not much of a curry lover. Can’t eat nuts and hate spicy food but they had a butter vegetable curry and it was one of the best meals of the whole trip. Mel agreed with his chicken Tikka so we would highly recommend The Barracks if you ever make it there! It’s not just an amazing curry but an amazing curry in a bread bowl! need I say more.

We booked to take a tour of the Mossy Forest and the Tea Plantation while we were there with a company called Eco Cameron. There are many tours available, check them out here  eco cameron

Our tour guide Satya picked us up in the jeep right outside our hostel for our tour and he was brilliant. Such a friendly guy and he was so incredibly knowledgeable about everything. From the plants to the wildlife to the tea itself. He was also a nature photographer and shared with us many of his outstanding wildlife shots.  Whilst telling us stories about the forest and the tea plantations on our walk up to the Mossy Forest.

Entering the forest is incredible, it is a cloud forest and it is like you are on the set of a fantasy movie like Avatar or Lord Of The Rings. It is honestly breathtaking. All the different types of trees covered in moss, vines hanging over your head while you are surrounded by clouds. Really a magnificent sight. We could hear gibbons in the distance too wich was a plus. The sound of wildlife was all around us.

You walk through the forest to a view-point but every view on the way is one of a kind and unfortunately for us the view point was actually completely covered in white fog but I don’t feel like we missed out because the forrest itself was just so amazing.

View point ^^

After walking through the forest, Satya took us to another view-point where the plantations are visible for miles and it is a stunning sight. So green! We wondered if they realised when sectioning off the tea leaves the way they do,  just how amazing it would look and how the sight alone would bring in millions of tourists each year?

Really amazing. Then we went to see the process of the tea being made, we couldn’t take pictures inside but it was very interesting seeing the process.  The drying out, the churning. A lot goes into it. We also wondered who had the first idea to oxidize these leaves and they would turn into somthing so tasy!

Then of course we went for some tea!

They have an open cafe overlooking the plantations and it is again just an unbelievable view and of course the tea was great.  Mel and I joked about how people around us were probably looking on in horror. As we know tea is very sacred in these cultures. Drank and prepared in very special ways and we had ours as British as you can get, poured in a load of milk, then sugar then dipped a shortbread into it! Was so good though!

It was such a lovely morning. It is certainly one of the best things we have done, yet it was a simple morning. Just incredibly beautiful and interesting. A really nice thing to do and the views you will see are worth the trip alone.

So it is a must see for us if you are every in the area and we hope our little snippet about our morning there along with the lovely photos we managed to get make you consider it for yourselves 🙂

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