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The End Of The Road.

As we neared the end of our trip this year, Mel and I had to take a bit of hiatus from social media in order to keep our secret plans to come home for Christmas just that… a secret!

We had decided a while back that we wanted to spend Christmas at home with our family this year but we wanted to surprise them so we told them we would be having a Bali Christmas! One day we would certainly love a Christmas in Bali! Just not this year. Besides wanting to spend Christmas with our families, we arrived at Gatwick airport with £1. So the timing actually worked out pretty well 😂

So I am just going to take a little look back at our last month travelling because it was really quite incredible!

Our time spent in Malaysia was great. What a lovely part of the world. What stood out to us most was its diversity and we loved all the different cultures.

We first spent a couple of days in Penang. Such a unique and vibrant place. The street art here is incredible and it’s really fun wandering around and spotting all the different pieces. I really enjoyed the use of real objects in with the paintings, so you have amazing picture opportunities if your want to get your picture with the art work. We just took pictures of the art work as there was always quite a crowd.

The food market in George Town is another great place to visit if you are there, as you can have a bit of everything. From Vietnamese to Indian. Japanese to Chinese. Middle Eastern, the choices are endless and we do love our food! It’s always good when there is such a variety because Mel loves spicy food and me not so much!

We had a lovely few days here. Money was dwindling at this point but just walking around and enjoying the place was more than enough for us.

Our next stop was The Cameron Highlands. This place was so amazing I had to write about it right away so you can check out that post here

Cameron Highlands

Next stop Kuala Lumpur. We really loved it here. Again, we couldn’t do too many days out because it was near the end of our trip. However, we got so lucky with our accommodation here, we really did not need to venture out very far.

The first place we stayed was a hostel within a big fancy apartment complex called Summer Suites and although it was the typical bunk bed situation you get in hostels, we had access to the pool and the gym (we only used one of them) and it was a lovely place to stay. We spent our days sunbathing and swimming and we were walking distance from the Patronas Towers and lots of other main attractions. All this for the price of a hostel for 3 nights 👌🏼

Then we had found an Air B&B in The Regalia Suites with an amazing roof top pool, fabulous window view and it was £30 for the two nights! This price was because it would be a shared apartment, had anyone else been booked in but we actually had it all to ourselves which was amazing!

We spotted this rainbow out the window one afternoon and I ran so fast up to the pool to catch it. So I was very happy when it was still there after the long lift ride to the top! We loved it here and naturally spent most our time in this amazing pool.

After a fantastic couple of days in KL, it was on to Singapore. Our last stop and the place we would fly home from.

Once again we got super lucky! It turns out my cousin Dom has a good friend who lives there. So for our last few days, instead of just waiting around for our flight in the cheapest possible place, we ended up staying in a gorgeous condo, making great friends with Nick and seeing the best Singapore has to offer!

Nick is the racing commentator at the Singapore race track. So the first thing we got to do was go and check that out. We got to see it all from his office and watch him at work when there was a race on. Then he sat us in the owners area with Lee Freeman, a 5 time Melbourne Cup winner. My Dad would of loved that!

We did have a little bet but we didn’t win.

We had the best time in Singapore with Nick. He is a fantastic host and showed us some gorgeous places. We spent the day at Marina Bay. A stunning area.

We went for a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel. An iconic place were we loved the novelty of throwing monkey nut shells onto the floor!

Then in the evening we went to probably the most impressive bar I have ever been to because the view is just incredible. Altitude is a bar that sits on top of one of the tallest buildings in Singapore and it is really just unbelievable up there. The saying Cocktails with a view must of been made here.

We really loved it here! From up here we could see the light show going off at Marina Bay Sands. It looked brilliant from the roof top but we wanted to see it up close also so we headed that way.

It was honestly the most magical thing. It’s is so well done, I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes! The music is so loud and dramatic, coupled with the lights and fountains. They project images onto the mist from the water and it is just all amazing!

A truly wonderful experience and the best way to end our trip. It was fantastic and a massive massive thank you to Nick for treating us and showing us all these wonderful places! We really loved it!

We were all a few cocktails in at this point and we ended up in the strangest little Karaoke bar called Talk Cock Sing Song. It was hysterical but we drank quite a lot of beer here! It came in huge self pouring containers with tiny glasses. So it was never ending! We Sang a lot of terrible songs and had such a fun night. It was one of the funniest nights/best days of the whole trip.

I won’t upload the singing videos 😂

After the antics of this day, we spent the next day hungover watching the Home Alone films all day but what a way to end the trip!

And as luck would have it in this small world Myself, Mel and Nick were actually all on the same flight home for Christmas!

So we all flew home together!

Arriving back in the U.K. was exactly what we expected. Cold, wet and miserable but all Christmassy and festive and lovely!

We spent a couple of days in Essex with our friends and their gorgeous pets.

A lovely welcome home 💕

Then headed home to surprise our families. It was so lovely to see everyone and the surprise on their faces 💕 we are so happy to be home for Christmas 🎄

we are currently trying to figure out what’s next for us! We know for sure we want to continued to see the world 🌍 it’s been an amazing experience and one we will never ever forget. So thank you to everyone who has helped us out, supported us along the way and friends we have made on our travels. It’s been incredible! It really has.

Happy Christmas everyone ❤️

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