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Home Adventures.

We have been home for 7 weeks now and this morning we finally got some snow! Something we have been waiting and wishing for since returning from our travels, to the chilly U.K. It’s not a lot but it is a start and it is a beautiful morning, so we will be out with our camera today.

Being home has been a mixed bag of emotions. Amazing seeing family and friends and spending Christmas here. New arrivals, there has certainly been a baby boom in this past year and it has been the cutest thing ever!

It’s also been quite difficult adjusting to being back. It is very true that when you travel, you are kind of in that travel bubble and it’s much easier to forget about politics, crime and all the other things that are in your face every single day when you are at home… back home and unemployed.

With the uncertainty of Brexit, what seems to be a huge rise in violence in the cities and the general state of the world at the moment, it is hard to be back here and hearing and seeing about these things everyday that are really quite draining and upsetting. Especially after months of seeing the beauty of the world.

Now Mel and I also do a lot of dark tourism when we travel. We are very interested in a places history. So it’s not always sunshine and rainbows but being back home we now have to try extra hard to get out there and explore our own home and keep trying to see the beauty in the world!

We got the job we so hoped to get in the Lake District, so we are incredibly happy that next week we will be on our way to help run a beautiful campsite. Moving into our new static home and settling in for a year of hiking, cycling and all things Lake District!

However we have currently been unemployed for 7 Weeks now!

So we have been exploring some of the lovely places we have right here in Merseyside.

Here are some of our favourite spots so far:

Delamere Forest 🌳

I already knew about this lovely place as it was a place I used to visit as a child to see the squirrels!

So it was great to spend the day here. Mel and I took a stroll around the lake on a beautiful frosty day.

This place is great because you can simply go for a walk there. Spend the day den making with all the space and fallen branches. Or go to the high ropes course.

There is a lovely cafe to get tea and some lunch and it’s just an all round lovely place for a day out.

Eastham Rake Country Park.

This is a beautiful little park located in Eastham Rake. I’m living over on the dark side now 😂 however I have fallen in love with the Wirral and Cheshire and all its lovely little places to go.

We had a day out at this lovely park when our friend Izzi came to visit with her son Josh and he loved the open woodland here.

Many squirrel sighting, den building spots, a bear pit and winding pathways to adventure down. Josh lead the way as adventure leader and it was a great afternoon out. Perfect for kids.

Then you have the choice of the 2 gorgeous pubs to get a hot drink or a glass of wine after a day in the park.

Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm.

Mel and I loved it here! This is in Birkenhead and it’s a fantastic little place. It is free to visit and ran by volunteers who look after the animals there.

They have goats, pigs, birds, rabbits, alpacas and more.

The staff here are great! The animals are so well looked after and happy.

We especially enjoyed talking to Colin, he looks after some hens and a garden area he has now taken over to grow fruit and vegetables.

He was a lovely man and really enjoys telling you all about his garden and his hens. You can buy some fresh eggs from him, we got some and they were delicious and he will give the kids a little certificate… he gave me one 😀

We spent a long time chatting to him about sustainability and growing your own foods, agriculture and the up keep of the farm.

West Kirby Marine Lake.

This has to be my favourite new spot of the bunch. It is absolutely gorgeous here and I think we got so lucky going the afternoon we did! It’s was a beautiful clear day with perfect clouds reflecting off the lake.

It is has a row of lovely seaside looking homes lining the man made sailing lake. A walk way that goes around it and I imagine in the summer times it also doubles as a kind of beach.

The lake is for sailing but on this day it was empty leaving us with the most spectacular views.

There is a Morrison’s near by so just grab some snacks and go for a stroll. Just mind the seagulls… 1. They will steal your food. 2. They will poo on you as Mel found out!

A great place for a jog, walking the dogs or just taking in the gorgeous views.

The U.K. is actually one of the most gorgeous places in the world. It is just finding the right spots when you live in busy cities. So hope I can encourage you to try out these 4. I think I might see if Mel fancies the Lake today in the snow 😀

Happy Travels ✌️

…. or happy home & unemployed but still trying!!!

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