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Laura’s Journey – Travel Inspiration

One thing we have loved being able to do over the last year, whilst travelling, is meet fellow travellers and hear their stories. Be it in person or online. We love to hear how they came to travel, where they have been and most of all, if there was a defining moment that they caught the travel bug! Hearing stories from all over the world has really been eye-opening and it is just another reason why we love to travel and why we are so happy to be a part of the fantastic online travel community.

Opportunities to meet new people, make connections and share advise and travel tips are endless. Meeting like-minded people and chatting about their experiences is a great tool for pushing people outside their comfort zone…something Laura certainly did with her first big trip. She made a decision and went for it. Something we think is very brave, especially when it comes to solo travel! We have loved reading about her travels. So here is her story and we think it is a very inspiring one indeed!



The year is 2015. I had just started a new job and I had also just got out of a relationship that I never thought I’d leave. Things were moving at a pace that I was not used to. The future I imagined was gone and a new one was starting. It was a lot to process. I needed an escape. I needed to do something that no one thought I could or would do.

I had been interested in traveling before, but just never had the chance to do so. I had never even flown before, until 2015. I love cities and all things British and thought London would be the perfect trip to take, so I started planning. No one thought I would do it. Getting on an airplane, flying to a foreign country, and spending seven days by myself. I heard opposition. “You’re not going to buy a plane ticket.” But I also heard praise. “You’re going on a trip alone? How incredible!” People don’t travel a lot in the town I live in, not alone at least.

Solo Trip


The day came, I went to the airport, boarded my flight, and settled in. I had no idea that when I got off that plane, my life would change forever. I never thought travel could be a passion, or that I would catch the travel bug. But when I landed in London, I caught it and it came on quick. I immediately was a different person. When you step outside your comfort zone and are forced to do things you would never imagine being able to do, you learn quickly just what you are capable of.

A life change made me want to travel to London. And London changed my life.

London Itinerary

I gained a confidence that even in my wildest dreams, I did not know existed. I fell in love with the city, the people, the culture, the buildings, the Thames, the Tube, the double-decker buses, the pubs, the history, the museums, the weather. I loved it all. But it was not just London. I was hooked on travel. I was already planning my next trip before I even boarded the plane to come back to Georgia.

Travel changes you. It makes you smarter, wiser, more caring and compassionate, it makes you take changes, face adversity, think quick, and take it slow. Travel made me fall in love with travel. I always say, you either have the travel bug, or you don’t. And I’m thankful that I caught the bug and it hasn’t left me yet.




What an amazing story, thank you Laura for sharing it with us and we are thrilled you loved London!

Check out Laura’s blog at


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