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Life on the Lake.

So, we are well into 2019 now and we have been pretty busy the last few months. Without doing all the traveling, we haven’t spent much time thinking about blogging really. I have missed it though so here I am! After returning to the U.K. from our travels, we spent a lovely Christmas at home with family and friends. We recently welcomed our gorgeous niece Ava Stevens into the world and we are just in awe of her 🥰 A great way to start the year. Just look at her!

There have been lots of new arrivals this last year between family and friends and lots more on the way and it’s just lovely seeing all our friends and family becoming wonderful parents. Ava meets her cousin baby Jude … I could fill this posts with baby pictures as there are just so many cuties in our life now but I will stop here! Big congrats to everyone.

We also got to celebrate our Vegas wedding with all our nearest and dearest and had a great party back home! Thank you again to everyone who came out to see us and helped us with the night! It meant the world to us and we had the best time! Mel did a great job with his speech and although we were missing some very important people 💔 we felt so much love from everyone there and it felt like my Dad and Kerri were there with us!

Over the Christmas period we got the news that we had been successful in getting the job we were so hoping to get. Which meant we would be moving permanently to one of our favourite places… The Lake District.

We are now full time residents at The Quit Site. An idyllic campsite that we have fallen in love with. We have moved into our gorgeous static caravan and have settled right in to caravan life. It seems caravan life is the perfect life for us! The place is just beautiful and the job is great. We have been spending our time exploring, cooking new delicious veggie recipes, decorating and preparing to start up a little garden to grow fruit and vegetables this year… oh and we pretty much got a dog with job and are now parents to little Noppy who has stolen our hearts!

We are really happy here. So going forward because we now live in this stunning area, with so many places to explore. I guess the majority of posts are going to be about the Lake District. Places to visit and things to do. I will still be blogging about doing things on a budget because we are now saving again for the next big adventure and well, because we much prefer not spending money if we can help it!

I’m also going to blog about the process of our garden and how we get on attempting to go green and grow our own food, swerve plastic and live well. I also want to document the life of Mels Wasabi plant. They are notoriously difficult to grow but he is going to try it!

The weather needs to improve here a little before we start planting but we are ready to go with our compost bin, collection of seeds and the wisdom of our new neighbours who have their own little patch they successfully grow all kinds on!

Also my book F*#k Plastic should arrive today and our attempt to make our caravan plastic free begins. Although I’m looking at my remote control right now and thinking ‘I’m not sure how a bamboo remote would function’ so plastic free may be a stretch but hey ho. See how we get on.

So yeah, a little recap of where we have been, we’ve been following all you guys on your amazing travels and adventures but just took a back seat and lived vicariously through you lot…a term a lot of people used with us when we were traveling. So today I’m going to make a start on my first of many posts about the lovely lakes. Starting with our new home. Ullwater!

Happy travels ✌️

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