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Lake District – Days out.

Hey guys…

Been a little quiet this year on the blog front.

Main reason being is that we are no longer traveling the world (devastating I know) but just watching you lot do it instead! Which we love and we add a new destination to our list, pretty much everyday but we haven’t been too compelled to be writing our own blog posts as often because, well basically we have just settled into life here really well and with that we spend a little less time online and a little more time working, relaxing, walking or gardening.

However, we do reside in Ullswater. One of the prettiest places in the world. In the Lake District, an incredible place in itself and a national treasure, we recently learned, so we do have a few things to share.

So we have put together a little list of some of the lovely things we have done so far and some of the beautiful places you can visit if you are in the area 💚

First on our list and one of our favourites is


Buttermere is just stunning! If you love views, lakes and walking you will love this place for sure. The walk around the lake is relatively flat so it’s nice and easy for families and dog walkers.

There are caves to explore for the kids (and the adults) and the whole walk offers breathtaking view after view.

The area is truly beautiful and half way along the walk there is a great little stall with refreshments and ice cream and a lovely guy to serve them all.

Mel and I love this place so much, although we still have many places we want to visit here, we have been back to Buttermere 3 times already!

It also had a great range of little cafes and pubs to have lunch in. All dog friendly of course.


The home and resting place of William Wordsworth, this little place is a fantastic afternoon out. So quaint and endearing.

Wordsworth has a simple and beautiful tombstone in St Oswalds Church and the village attracts a lot of tourists, flocking to visit the home of the poet and spend the day in this idyllic little village.

Filled with art galleries and outdoor stores. You can easily spend the whole day browsing, shopping and drinking tea or coffee in one of the many lovely cafes or restaurants there.

Famous for its ginger bread, it is another place we have been back to time and time again for our fix. Honestly, it’s delicious! A must try. Going into the shop is a great experience in itself. It always has a queue out the door and the staff are dressed in traditional Victorian style bakers dress.

Aira Force Waterfalls

This one is our local walk, located in Ullswater. The hike to and from the waterfalls is great fun and has some really spectacular views. So we love it! Bit of a long one, about two hours there and two hours back but very worth it.

Plus if you are in the area, you can give us a shout and we will come and do the walk with you!

Spend the the day walking to the waterfalls and then head down to Pooley Bridge for dinner. A day well spent!

I got my favourite photograph of the year so far when on our walk to Aira Force ⬇️

The rest of the views weren’t bad either!!

Castlerigg Stone Circle

An amazing place to visit, The Stone Circle is rich in history and believed to be one of the earliest of its kind in the country.

There is always something magical about these places and we love to just take it in and take our minds way back and try to imagine ourself there hundreds of years ago.

We think one guy was doing the same when we visited as he was stood right in the middle, arms outstretched and eyes closed. He was transporting through time in his mind that’s for sure.

We on the other hand just ran around with the dog taking pictures.

Parking is limited so plan ahead if you are going to go and if you are after a picture without anyone around, timing is crucial we would say. Very early or very late I guess. We have yet to see it empty. However the person in this picture does kind of just look like a part of the Stone circle!

Larch Cottage Nurseries

I just have to put this on the list because it is just so gorgeous! I mean it’s just a garden centre but it is the best garden centre.

It is beautiful! We spent hours walking around and admiring all the plants and trees.

Then we stayed for lunch, the balcony overlooks the gardens and has stunning draped flowers from the ceiling.

You feel like you could be on a balcony somewhere in Italy, on a vineyard somewhere exotic. We adored this little hidden gem.

So check it out for sure. It is based in Melkinthorpe.

And a short drive from the Withnail & I phone box! A must for any fans and I am the biggest!

So there you have a few of our top picks so far. It really is a wonderful place! If you head to Lake District give us a shout and we would love to show you around! Also you have to check out Penrith for charity shop shopping, The Theatre on the Lake, Keswick and all the little areas in between 😀 in short… we love the lakes!

You know, it actually feels nice to be writing these again!

Happy Travels ✌️

4 thoughts on “Lake District – Days out.”

  1. Stunning photos! It makes me want to go back and visit soon… I’m from near the Lake District originally and it’s been too long… Thanks for the memories 😍


  2. What a wonderful part of the world! I try not to have any regrets. But I sort of do, when it comes to the Lakes District. I spent four years, living down in Manchester, and the best I could manage was catching a train through the area. Can’t wait to actually visit there, one day.


    1. Ah you should. It really is a beautiful part of the world. We love it here! Honestly whilst living in Liverpool I didn’t take advantage as much as I should of, being pretty close. So very glad we have the chance to live here now!


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