Our Journey

Adjusting to life back home.

We have been back in the U.K. now for about 3 weeks and as wonderful as it was to be home for the holidays surrounded by friends and family, as we predicted, beginning of January and we have the holiday blues. Itchy feet. The desire to be out in the world once more.

Traveling for so long, we got so used to it. New destinations every few days. Different cultures, foods, climates, people. All changing regularly and now we are back we are finding it a bit difficult to settle in and get back into old routines.

Things that we are struggles with:

The weather!

Since we got off the plane we have been sick. Colds, chest infections, asthma issues, allergies… our bodies are just not used to this cold weather now. We chose the best time to come home to surprise everyone didn’t we. The air just ripe with virus’. So that’s been a tough one. It was nice for about 5 minutes to feel the cool breeze on our cheeks but the novelty wore off, fast! My skin is dry and sore and any sign of a tan we once had has vanished. Completely!

Nothing like a bit of British weather to turn you from a sun kissed beach bum to an actual corpse.


Whilst traveling, in South East Asia especially, we ate out pretty much everyday and everything is fresh. Cooked then and there. I decided to try a vegetarian diet when we got to Vietnam and it was super easy because there was such a variety of delicious foods to choose from.

Coming home it has been rather difficult to say the least sticking to the vegetarian diet. Take 30 minutes ago when I went to a Chinese buffet with the girls. 5 minutes in and someone is saying ‘Jen, that’s chicken and sweet corn soup!’ My bad.

It’s been really difficult sticking to it here when pretty much everything contains meat. Now the soup was a slip up on my part but I have found it really difficult.

And so much cheese! I feel like it’s all I have eaten in order to stay away from meat but I didn’t eat any cheese whilst away.

Plus we got a taste for amazing food. We loved the food in Southeast Asia and we want to keep eating it. It’s so much healthier and tastes amazing so we have been to the Asian supermarket and started trying our hand at cooking the meals we loved so much ourselves.

I must say… my morning glory is glorious!


We now have none! 😂

It’s a bummer when all you want to do is travel the world but you have spent all your money on, yanno… traveling the world.

So now we are constantly trying to figure out what’s next. How can we travel? Luckily we have landed ourselves an amazing job in a location that won’t leave us short of the breathtaking views we have become accustomed to.

Plus it was definitely worth it! Money well spent!

And how can we maintain a healthy diet when healthy food costs a fortune. We can’t. So this year we are hoping to start growing some of our own vegetables and herbs. In an attempt to live a healthier life style.


We don’t have one. We are so used to going from place to place. Adapting to different climates. Going from busy cities to beaches. Now we are home and in the one place it’s hard to just settle in.

However. We are very much enjoying the down time. Relaxing with family and friends but we are looking forward to getting back to work and getting back into a routine.

Getting back to normality was always going to be hard. Going from active volcanos, Mount Fuji, jungles, beaches, Hollywood, lakes, Vegas, hot springs, islands and cycling through entire countries to Netflix and the PS4 is quite the shift.

Both bring us great joy mind but we do crave adventure. We always have and now that we have had such a big one, we certainly want to have more experiences like it.

I’ve been traveling around with work for years but now I’ve actually left Europe and seen even more of this big beautiful world I well and truly have the travel bug and Mel is the same.

But for now we have a fantastic new opportunity to look forward too. Time on our hands to catch up with friends and family and the many new babies around and just take time to reflect on what a journey we had!

Oh and throw a big party for our wedding 🥳🥳🥳

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