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Top 3 Destinations for a Backpacking Trip in 2019

After taking a break from the old social media over the holidays we wanted to start the new year with some new posts. So we reached out to our fellow travel buddies for some inspiration as well as started working on some things of our own. The response so far has been fantastic! Thank you #TravelTribe

So here is a great piece by Stuart, editor of Uni Baggage, a website that are experts in shipping luggage around the world, detailing his Top 3 picks for backpackers in 2019.

Having ticked two of these amazing places off our own bucket list last year we couldn’t agree more with what he has to say about Vietnam and Thailand and Nepal is certainly high on our list for the future.

Thanks Stuart for a very informative and interesting read and being our first guest post of 2019!

Top 3 Destinations for a Backpacking Trip in 2019
There’s nothing quite like a backpacking adventure and believe it or not, it can really change your life. Backpacking opens your mind, allows you to be free from everyday restrictions and encourages you to dig deep and see the beauty of life, which can sometimes go unnoticed.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people and learn new perspectives on the world around you. Whether it’s your first time planning a backpacking adventure, or whether you’re experienced, we’re discussing some of the best destinations for a
backpacking trip.
1. Nepal

Nestled in the Himalayan mountains in South Asia is Nepal, a fascinating country that is
perfect for all types of backpackers to explore. Nepal is a budget-friendly backpacking
location and it’s also relatively small, meaning getting from A to B is a little bit easier.
One of the main reasons why Nepal is known to be such a great destination for backpackers is because of its safety. This is something that does play on most backpackers’ minds and of course, a huge factor to consider when choosing your destination.

The great news is that Nepal is a country with minimal crime, and so it is somewhere many feel safe to explore. Although Nepal is small in size, it certainly doesn’t lack on things to see and do. It is the home of Lord Buddha after all! Backpackers who visit Nepal usually apply for a 30 day visa.

In some cases, 90 day visas are also available depending on your personal circumstances.
However, many people find that one month spent in Nepal is enough to explore the country.
2. Thailand
Thailand, otherwise known as The Land of Smiles, who wouldn’t want to visit such a place? Thailand is renowned for its friendly locals who welcome visitors and backpackers from around the world with open arms. Stress and worry is something that comes hand in hand with travelling, regardless of how experienced of a traveller you are. However, many visitors tend to feel at ease in Thailand, and it is largely thanks to the locals who are willing to help.

Thailand is a destination where many tourists head for an extended period of time, therefore it can be a rather busy destination. Don’t let this put you off, as this country truly offers so much to all kinds of people. You can explore the tourist areas or go off the beaten track.
3. Vietnam
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of backpackers entering Vietnam, as it truly has an extensive range of offerings. Many people visiting the country decide to visit either the North or the South regions. Your personal preferences will determine which region you visit, or if you are staying for an extended period of time, you might even visit both, as they are so different. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Vietnam is during winter when the weather is most favourable, around 20 degrees celsius.

Vietnam is ideal for those who wish to stick to a shoestring budget, as the cost of living is
low. As well, there is so much to do and see on a budget, including visiting historical sites.
Written by Stuart Cooke, Blog Editor at Unibaggage

For anyone thinking of backpacking this year we would highly reccomend both Vietnam and Thailand and we will join you if you decide to go to Nepal! Thanks again Stuart for such a great description of why these places should be on your 2019 bucket list.

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